Aug 30, 2010

Zoolander Sequel

According to Slashfilm, Ben Stiller has confirmed through twitter that a sequel to Zoolander is in the works. Helping Stiller with the script for this film is Justin Theroux, who made himself a big name from writing Tropic Thunder and Iron Man 2. Stiller wisely demanded Owen Wilson reprise his role as Hansel, which I'm all for because Owen Wilson's a great actor. Jonah Hill is apparently is negotiations to play the role of the main villain of this film as well. This, I'm not so sure if I like. Typically I don't mean Jonah Hill, as I've liked him in quite a few films, but I just saw Strange Wilderness and that soured my opinion of him. I'm sure once I see Get Him To The Greek I'll be right back on his bandwagon.

The problem with using this screen writer, with the kind of movies he's made lately, and starring Stiller, Wilson and Hill is the price. Apparently the studio is very hesitant about forking over the cash for this sequel and is being very stingy with the budget. So I wouldn't expect another gasoline fight scene, but a lot of the first film's highlights didn't involve explosions or pricey special effects. Just use the full extent of the budget on advertising and stars who know how what to do when the camera's on. They can shoot in in Stiller's neighborhood and get extras looking for "BIG NAME MOVIE" on their resume.

For those of you who haven't seen Zoolander a hundred times by now and are sick of the film, enjoy this youtube video I found.

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