Sep 29, 2010

2011 Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

A thank you to the credible Spin for delivering the nominees for the 2011 Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame. The official inductees will be announced in December, with the actual televised award ceremony taking place March 14, 2011. The following list of nominees will be in order of "boo! / what? / meh" to "yay! / overdue / awesome".

Laura Nyro

Darlene Love

Joe Tex

Tom Waits

Dr. John


Chuck Willis

Donna Summer


The J. Geils Band

LL Cool J
I don't get why he's in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, but I do love the man's music.

Neil Diamond
Personally not my cup of tea, but plain to see why he's being inducted. Huge fanbase, millions of records sold, all qualities bands such as Rush who have not been inducted possess.

Bon Jovi
Always re-inventing themselves and topping charts no matter what style they're going for. Innovators. Motivators. And as awesome as Terminators.

Alice Cooper
This is actually the band Alice Cooper, not just the lead singer, which is really cool. One for all and all for one. Everyone should appreciate Cooper.

Beastie Boys
So many honorable mentions to songs I could have picked, but pretty defining in nerd culture becoming popular. Went with the most rock and roll song they've done not named "Sabotage", but if it was just the "Music Hall of Fame" I might have put on display "Intergalactic" or "Girls".

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