Sep 16, 2011

Beyond Survival Review

I almost missed this new show Beyond Survival. I'm not sure if the show was advertised that much, but I didn't catch one commercial for it until I saw that it was after Man, Woman, Wild. When I saw that Les Stroud from Survivorman was back in action I was very excited.

Beyond Survival isn't like any other survival show out there. It shows the ways of different people in different locations surviving. They're technically surviving, but it doesn't end with Les Stroud finding a way home. Instead it's Les Stroud getting lessons on survival from people, and then teaching the T.V. viewers like myself how it's done.
At first I wasn't so sure about this show. That was until they started showing how they get food. When it comes to fishing this tribe gets a tall stick/log and builds a seat on it. They then stick the log into the ground in the water. They sit on the top of it, and fish in the middle of the body of water. Then they showed a slingshot that looked like a bow an arrow. It's hard to explain it in writing, but I found a video of what it looked like. After seeing these things in action, I was enjoying this show a lot.

Final Say: Beyond Survival is a little different than the other survival shows, but still proves to be very educational at the same time of being entertaining. I can't promise that all survival show fans will enjoy this show, but I think most of them will. This is a show worth checking out on the Discovery Channels on Fridays.

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