Sep 8, 2010

Bruce Campbell Talks ABout Evil Dead Blu-Ray

We here at Organized Remains we recognize Bruce Campbell for the cult icon that he is. We've reviewed such tie-ins to Campbell here as Evil Dead: Fistful of Boomstick, My Name Is Bruce, and Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. Despite mixed reviews in those different articles, Evil Dead will always be held in high regard with us. That is why I spread this interview that Campbell did with Entertainment Weekly, where he talks about the recent release of Evil Dead (his first movie) on Blu-Ray. It's a brief read with not a ton of hard hitting questions, but the most important thing mentioned is that there are no plans to create a remake/reboot of the series, or another sequel. With all of Hollywood trying to sink their filthy claws into any franchise with name recognition for just that reason, it's good to know that at least this franchise is safe.

I for one plan on buying this Blu Ray as an investment for Halloween next month. I'll also be thanking Netflix Instant Watch for what I'm sure will be a tremendous selection of horror flicks next month. And on that note, it dawned on me quite recently that it's technically called "Watch Instantly" on their website, not "Instant Watch". I was quite troubled by this discovery since we've used our own coining so often, so I had to go to the Organized Remains Battlestation (ORB) to measure the volume of apathy or interest I should take in the subject of being politically correct.

There you have it. Instant Watch it shall remain to us.

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