Sep 11, 2010

CBVGR: Glover

Video Review:

Script: Welcome to the Clearance Bin Video Game Review by Organized Remains. We are playing Glover on the PS1. It's also available for the N64. Glover can cost $5 on the N64, and $10 for the PS1 over at Amazon. I want to send a thanks to Fuelfan42 for suggesting this game to us. I've been told that it’s many people's favorite childhood game. I've noticed that I will love a game as a child, and I will play it again as an adult, and hate it, but it can go both ways.

Who is Glover? Well he's the five finger discount, lady lovin, ball spinning, hand smashing machine. When something happens to his lovely crystals, he goes into game plan. He transforms some of the crystals into different balls. Now he must go after seven crystals and bring them back to his castle. Thank Kermit the Frog for Wiki, because I don't remember Glover transforming crystals into a bouncy ball.

There are different types of balls, from a bouncy ball, to a bowling ball. They each have different abilities, and help you throughout the game. Also Glover himself has moves that helped defeat enemies, and push buttons.

Playing this game I was reminded of my childhood. I never played this as a child, but the quirkiness of this game is just fun to see. The game is playful, and I wish I played this as a child. Unfortunately I didn't, and as an adult the controls are killing me. Controlling Glover without a ball is fine and dandy. It's when he has a ball with him, things get frustrating. It's not just the controls, but the camera angles too. For example: I'm waiting for this platform to ride over here, and I can't even turn enough to see if it's coming.

Getting off the ball is very frustrating too! I'm at a platform waiting for the other platform to arrive. I have to get off the ball, so the ball can stay on a button to keep the platform moving. When I press L2 to get off the ball, Glover jumps off, and falls off the platform to his death, or a part of the level that was at the beginning. You have to place Glover perfectly so he doesn't fall off.

I know I complained about the controls a lot, and that's really the only complaint I have. The idea of the game is awesome, and a sequel, or a remake with better controls, and camera angles would be great.

Final Say: Alright I gone over the controls, but that doesn't mean it's a bad game. Croc had bad controls, but I still loved the game. While I enjoyed Croc more than Glover, that doesn't mean Glover should be avoided. It's one of the cult classics of video games, and everyone should give it a shot. The price isn't asking for much.

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