Sep 19, 2010

Future Competition For Facebook

Today, I stumbled upon an interesting debate on an interesting topic to social networkers. Firstly, thanks to Reddit, I was linked to an article in the NZ Herald about an upstarting social network called Diaspora, hoping to usurp the throne of Facebook. With a hopeful, goody-two-shoes attitude that would make Google blush, the four Washington students who created this site with $200,000 in donations wanted a version of Facebook that was more secure, and more open-source so that the user had a greater control of the site they use. Community, privacy, self-customization - other than the name Diaspora, it sounds great!

PC Magazine begs to differ. In a scathing article, the bush-league facebook knockoff is accused of being riddled with security problems, and gets "experts" to weigh in on just how awful the new site is. I can't attest to the validity of those quoted expertise, particularly because one of the people quoted was "one commenter on Hacker News", but I can also believe that an open-source site has it's vulnerabilities.

This can't be a black and white issue however. The gray appears to be that diaspora is a budding beta-nothing. Don't run off and sign up for it, wait for it to find its legs. And until it reaches a point of maturation, take everyone's heavy criticism with a grain of salt, as they could very likely be tools of "The Man" who've invested heavily in Facebook!

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