Sep 12, 2010

Jay-Z Signs Will Smith's 9 Year Old Daughter

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jay-Z has signed Will Smith's 9 year old daughter, Willow Smith to a record deal. First, we get Will Smith's son, Jaden in The Karate Kid, and now Willow will be all over the radio. Being the heir to fame has its perks. As funny as the story in summary sounds, Jay-Z claims he listened to Willow's material before he knew her age, or potentially who she even was, and was impressed by it. And with the amount of hits on youtube her main single already received, it was probably an easy-money decision.

If that statement was the only thing Jay-Z said on the matter, it probably would have come off entirely as a smart business decision, but everything else he said in that interview made me go "oh boy." Such quotes include,

"When you have that sort of talent, there is no such thing as too young."

While it's true there's no such thing as too young to be talented, you can be too young for fame. The majority of young girls (pubescent/pre-pubescent/Disney-endorsed) get exposed to success on the radio wind up highly scrutinized for turning their back on their young fan base when they do grow up, or will purposefully act out to break from their own shell. The Smith kids might, might have a fighting chance dealing with fame for being the kids of Will Smith, but having a famous dad never stopped Nicole Richie or Nick Hogan from getting in trouble. Another great quote from Jay-Z:

"She has a child's innocence but she has a clear vision of who she is and who she wants to be. I can only imagine that's how Mike [Michael Jackson] was as a young kid, he knew exactly what he wanted."

Granted, maybe Jay-Z personally knew MJ, or at least knew him better than myself. I never read any biography on Jackson or really followed or researched his career or life, but from what I think I know without doing much research, maybe comparing Willow's drive and passion to MJ who had his childhood robbed by his abusive, child-laboring father isn't the kindest compliment. Hopefully Jay-Z just comes out and admits he signed the squeaky-voiced girl-rapper to combat Lil Wayne's label: Young Money's Nicki Minaj. But sadly, what the world needs now (not love, sweet love) is new blood to have children scream over and creepy adults count down until they reach a legal age. Miley Cyrus, Miranda Cosgrove, Justin Beiber, they're all practically adults!

Feel old!

But oh my Kermit The Frog will I ever be on board for a future VMA duet between Willow Smith and the greatest rapper ever. Her mentor.

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