Sep 16, 2010

Killers Review

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Ashton Kutcher is a government hitman on the last mission he intends on doing before retiring. Staying at the same hotel as Kutcher is lame duck Katherine Heigl on vacation with her family, who are trying to cheer her up about getting dumped by her last boyfriend. Sparks fly between the two, they instantly fall in love, and flash-forward to modern, quiet, suburban, married life between the two. Kutcher's government boss contacts him demanding he come back to work but he refuses. Suddenly killers come out of the woodwork from every which angle, all coming to collect a bounty on Kutcher's head. Kutcher and the out-of-place Heigl have to put their quiet life on hold to try to survive!

This film got a fair share of criticism from professional reviewers, and admittingly, I wasn't going in expecting a 5 * film based off the spoof-topic or lead actors. I wanted a goofy, fun, popcorn action flick, and that's what I got for the most part. The acting was great, the budget was exactly what it needed to be - fantastic action scenes, great directing for the most part (there were some points I would have changed to allude to the end better), and the pacing kept me glued to the TV. I truly felt invested in the survival of this couple. There were two negative aspects however that stood out to me. The first was how Katherine Heigl is getting type-cast in a lot of movies as simple, down-to-earth girl to "OMG! HATRED FOR EVERYONE! WHOLE WORLD IS AGAINST ME! GRR! HUNGRY! NOM-NOM-NOM! OK I LOVE YOU NOW!" Don't know if the directors are to blame for not asking Heigl for more subtly and complexity in her character when the camera is on, or if she genuinely only knows how to be one extreme or the other. If the latter is the case, at least pick up some roles as a witchy villain.

The second negative standout to me was the ending.

Just... what?


My Highlights:
I was pleasantly surprised with the action scenes involving Rob Riggle and Katheryn Winnick. They probably had 90% of their scenes done by stunt-doubles, but I totally believed it was them.

Overall Rating:
Killers was a great romantic action-comedy that was bitterly and infuriatingly ruined by the ending. Like, seriously ruined. The last ten minutes saw the BIGGEST destruction of the previous 90 minutes I've ever seen. It takes a profound understanding of what an audience wants, the unspoken contract between viewer and creater, and emotional investment to tease a great film and then crush everything. Bravo. 2 1/2 *'s out of 5 is the highest I can rate this film. I severely wish they either didn't bait-and-switch the audience at the half-way point to stick with the basic plot or added an additional fifteen minutes to the film to take it in a better direction. And by that I mean any other direction than what they did, because it could only be an improvement. Midgets, monkeys, and Nicolas Cage would have been an improvement.

When You Should See It:
If you're desperate to watch something. This isn't a rental, because when you spend your money to rent something, even on Netflix, most people have the urge to watch it from start to finish. Anyone who watches the finish of this likely bleeds from the eyes. I'm still cleaning up my face. If it comes on TV, give it a watch, primarily if you intend on leaving the house before it finishes, or if you're not intending on paying attention to what's on the screen. This film is ideal if you intend on putting something on your tv for the glow and the noise for you to fall asleep to.

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  1. Katheryn Winnick did her own fight scene - she has a black belt in both tae kwon do and karate and she's a licensed body guard!