Sep 26, 2010


Minecraft... yes Minecraft. Why oh why is this so addictive, and why do we love it so? The game isn't even done being made, but we have all paid our $13, 10 pounds, or whatever the price of it in Canada to play the alpha version.

I'm really excited for Minecraft, because it shows that you don't need pretty graphics to make a great game. Sure there are people out there that judge the game by it's graphics. Also not everyone likes Minecraft, but I'm thinking it's because they didn't take the 10 mins to watch a tutorial video on YouTube about it. Also the game doesn't keep reminding you what to press to do what. The game is old school - you're by yourself. If you want something done. Figure it out, or look up a guide.

Silly me, I've gone two paragraphs without explaining what Minecraft is. The best explanation was from a man named underOATH, who said, "You just do s***, build s***, explore s***. It's fun." Enough said.

I've just recently got Minecraft, and already I'm having a blast with it. Doing what I want, building what I want, and fighting what I want, it's just relaxing. I find it funny that no matter how many people say it's great, there will be many people out there that refuse to buy it on the graphics alone.

Someone made this! Why? Because no one told them they couldn't!

Go play it!

Also let us know if you want to play Minecraft with us!

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