Sep 30, 2010

No Ordinary Family Review

First comes Modern Family, which was good at parts but couldn't keep me coming back. Now there's No Ordinary Family, which is about a family that has super powers after a weird accident. Lois is super strong, Brian is super fast, Stewie has telekinetic abilities... oh wait. Alright I could just complain that I've seen this on Family Guy, and they got it from something else, but I'm not going to. Even though that episode of Family Guy was basically the same plot of No Ordinary Family, and every super hero show/movie basically.

The show is an hour long, which I typically stay away from except for shows on Discovery, and Breaking Bad. I have a hard time keeping my eyes on the T.V. longer than 30 mins. Unfortunately, I don't have the common super power most people have - to watch 3 or more hours of T.V. at a time. Even though this show had a longer time frame than I was used to, I was intrigued with No Ordinary Family. The previews just caught my eye, and I knew I had to give it a chance.

While I was watching No Ordinary Family, I was glued to the screen. They didn't waste any time getting into a plane crash and them discovering their super powers. They did have cliche moments like the kids complaining about getting no attention, then the parents responding, "I'm sorry kids! I should have paid more attention to you!" Then the cliche kids say, "I don't want to talk, I want to be alone!" I was happy to see that the scenes of the husband going from catching baseballs with his barehands to catching bullets were longer than the family whining about they're social problems.

Final Say:
It's only been one episode. My opinion could change, but I will be catching next week's new episode. Sure, No Ordinary Family wasn't all cool super hero stuff, but what do you expect? It's on ABC! I think it's in every ABC contract to have some kid whining about how hard high school is. At least it was way better than Dancing with the Stars.

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