Sep 25, 2010

Raving Rabbids TV Show

According to Slash Film, a CGI animated/live-action combo TV show is in the works based off of the Raving Rabbids from the Rayman series. Even if you've never played a game where these silly rabbids are the focus, you've definitely seen them before.

They've become icons on par with Rayman himself, if not bigger, and if this future TV show lasts to a second season, I can see their iconagraphy only exploding further. Expect to see all the Hot Topic shoppers going to school wearing Raving Rabbid backpacks, t-shirts and buttons. As for the show itself, it has promise, but the delivery is going to matter a lot. The comedy and characteristics are already there and popular, and as anyone whose watched 30-Second Bunny Theater or Trigger Happy TV knows, the animal in question is always funny. What channel they land on is particularly interesting to me, as it sounds like a great Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, 15 minute, Robot Chicken-styled flurry of skits without any sense of continuity. But with the strong cult following Robot Chicken has and the money it makes for Cartoon Network, would the network want a secondary version of the show for a younger demographic?

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