Sep 20, 2010

Stan Lee The Real Hero

Do you know who Stan Lee is? You don't!? I'm going to punch you... oh oh oh you do know who he is now? Well you might know him from Spider-Man, and other great comics. Today he has talked about video games, and how he doesn't like it when politicians whine about video games.

Why would Stan Lee care?! For freedom of speech of course! Also the money he made off the new Spider-Man game. Stan Lee showed me the way to a place called Video Game Voters Network. This is a place where all gamers (that can vote) voice their opinions, and hopefully put a stop to all this madness! The madness being, politicians saying, "Hey mothers, you know why your kid didn't take out the trash? Well I'll tell you why! It was because he was trying to save the princess! If you vote me in, all trash will be taken out!" All mothers queue to shouting, "Down with video games!"

I'm hoping with Stan Lee coming onto the video gamer team will make more follow. It's too bad we will only get nerd celebs like Jack Black and Kevin Smith. That might make things worse for the confused protesters. "Stop video games! Stop Jack Smith! Stop Kevin Black!"

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