Oct 7, 2010

Baby Baby Baby Baby Punk'd

Remember that show Punk'd with Ashton Kutcher? Well there is talk about Justin Bieber being the host. Then again it could just be a prank on Justin Bieber by Ashton Kutcher. Lets pretend that there is no way this is a prank and Justin Bieber is really being the host. Here is what I think will happen.

*Justin Bieber talking to the camera*

Justin: Today on Punk'd we are going to get retired actress/rehab client Lindsay Lohan!
Camera Guy: Hey Justin um... she was just in that movie Machete.
Justin: Machete!? More like Ma Ma Ma Ma Ch.e.t.e la la la! *starts dancing*

*Later that day*

Lindsay Lohan:
Um excuse me could you point me in the direction of a bathroom?
Justin's Minion: I'm sorry we don't have a bathroom.
Lindsay Lohan: Really? That's too bad.
*Justin Bieber walks out*

Justin: Ha! You just got Punk'd Lindsay Lohan! There is totally a bathroom! We just told you that so you couldn't use it!
*Someone throws Justin a mic*

Justin: Baby Baby Baby Oh Baby *starts dancing* Ma Ma Ma Ma Ch.e.t.e la la la Baby Baby Baby..."
Lindsay: So can I use the bathroom?

Announcer: Next week on Punk'd watch Justin Punk'd the daylights out of country singer Taylor Swift with special guest Kanye West! Imma let you finish!

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