Oct 1, 2010

Black Dynamite Cartoon

According to NorthHollyHood, the obscenely popular blaxploitation spoof comedy Black Dynamite has spun off into a bunch of different outlets. I might be one of the few to pick up the Black Dynamite comic book, but I'm sure many will tune into Adult Swim's new Black Dynamite cartoon show. While Black Dynamite was an amazing and hilarious film that I strongly recommend everyone check out, I have one worry for the cartoon. The cartoon already has so much promise - the source material was brilliant, Michael Jai White reprising his role as the main character, and the fact that pretty much every cartoon featuring a strong black male sporting an afro does great success. My one worry is that it will turn out too much like The Boondocks, which will share the same Executive producer, Carl Jones. The Boondocks work on Adult Swim because there's nothing else like it. The Boondocks is blaxploitation spoof comedy, karate, and ridiculous martial arts. Theoretically, Adult Swim could market the two shows back-to-back like Comedy Central does with The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, but it's a target seldom hit with dead-on accuracy.

And just for kicks, here are some of my favorite highlights from the movie Black Dynamite. Warning: NSFW due to language and violence!

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