Oct 14, 2010

Blockbuster Online Games Review

Not to long ago Blockbuster started doing online game rentals. I was very interested in this because it's around $9 a month. When I started, I found out that new releases would be delayed another month or two to rent. I was dissapointed about this, but not surprised because of the price. I also know that getting new releases on Gamefly is also hard because they're all on a long wait list.

I found that Blockbuster was a great source for clearance bin games. With Gamefly it wouldn't be worth it to rent a game that's $5, but with Blockbuster since the cost is much lower it's actually cheaper again to rent $5 games. Also they have the fast return. So when you send out a game the next day they know about it, and will send your next game.

Final Say: Hopefully Blockbuster can stay in business because I am liking the online rental system for games. For everyone that wants to play all the clearance bin games then Blockbuster is for you.

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