Oct 8, 2010

Faster Starring Dwayne Johnson

According to Slash Film, Dwayne Johnson and Billy Bob Thorton will be working together in an end of the year, blood and guts, rated R action film, Faster. And Moon Bloodgood (Terminator: Salvation) will be in it too for sex appeal. Essentially, Dwayne Johnson is The Punisher with the immortality of The Terminator. Maybe not a direct plot point, but from the trailer, that's my guess. And he kills a whole bunch of people with a really small gun by Hollywood standards, because he has nothing to over compensate for. So while Dwayne Johnson is on a vengeful murdering spree of the crime syndicate that killed his brother and put him in prison, Billy Bob Thorton is an aggressive and rude veteran cop hunting him down. This kind of role is exactly what The Rock's career has been needing - a serious action role where he's mean, morally ambiguous and driven. Comedy may be a talent of his, but Hollywood doesn't know what to do with a guy of his size in a comedic role. The Redband (meaning NSFW) trailer is below.

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