Oct 23, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine Review

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The trailer really says it better than I ever could with words.

Pointing out all the references to 80's culture, specifically movies. Even someone who didn't grow up in the 80's but is familiar with what was popular in film at the time could enjoy this film. To name just a few - Back To The Future, Better Off Dead, National Lampoon Vacation, Karate Kid, Scarface, and all of those ski movies referenced in that one South Park episode. You know the one. "Stan... DARSH!"

My Highlights:
All of the teasing about Phil, the one-armed hotel worker, losing his arm in the 80's. Also, Nick's awesome concert and Lou's surprise toward the end of the film.

Overall Rating:
This film gets a lot of comparison to The Hangover due to the similar set-up of four guys with the intention of having one weekend of pure, unadulterated, sexy fun that goes out of control. That's about all the comparison I see, because The Hangover was epic, and this was just pretty good. A lot of the scenes/dialog feels like it sacrifices logic, quality acting and consistency for the sake of shock value of a joke. Rob Corddry('s character) is particularly guilty of this. But for a very entertaining 101 minutes full of 80's nostalgia, I award this film 3 1/2 *'s out of 5, or 7 out of 10.

When You Should See It:
If you're over the age of twenty or so, give it a rent at your nearest convenience. Anyone who had to grow up with 80s film and culture around you, give it a rent. I'm positive a great deal of the people who give this movie a rent will end up purchasing it, because it at least tells a great story.

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