Oct 5, 2010

Keanu Reeves and The Meme

Way back a couple of years ago, Chuck Norris was all the internet rage. When Chuck Norris found out, he thought it was funny and even gave his favorite top ten Chuck Norris Facts. Now there has become a Keanu Reeves meme, which features him eating a sandwich, and looking sad. People have Photoshopped him into everything from The Breakfast Club, to beside a sad panda.

A recent interview by Vulture from NYMag with Keanu has him asking him what he thinks of the meme. To quote Keanu, "Well, it sounds like harmless, good-clean fun." Wow Keanu way to be a good sport! Some of these memes really upset people, but most of the time they're harmless.

So here's to you Keanu for being one of the good guys!

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