Oct 25, 2010

Legion Review

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God has lost his faith in humanity and is sending a legion of possessed minions and arch angels to kill all humans. One angel, Michael, goes rogue and tries to stop God's plan and save one unborn child with extreme importance.

The special effects and vision were top notch in this film. All of the villains look genuinely threatening like they could be the ones who kill the main characters. That's essentially the only positive that stood out to me in this film. The pace was awful, the dialog-to-action-ratio was awful, and none of the dialog, which was very excessive, actually seemed all the deep and meaningful.

My Highlights:
Scary children and grandmothers.

Overall Rating:
For a film that from start-to-finish rang of "better on paper than in delivery", I give this film 2 *'s out of 5, or 4 *'s out of 10. Even the big, inevitable angel vs. angel battle was a let-down.

When You Should See It:
Just skip over it. There are better intellectual/controversial religion/anti-religion films, and there are better thoughtless popcorn action flicks.

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