Oct 18, 2010

Macgruber Review


My Thoughts:
I've actually never seen any of the Macgruber skits from SNL. I took a gamble with Macgruber, and going into it I wasn't expecting too much. I was surprised when I found myself laughing at the movie through most of it. There are some scenes were you think "wtf?" I found these scenes funny, what can I say? But I can see a lot of people just thinking that it's stupid. Which it is... stupidly funny.

My Highlights: The WWE wrestlers being in the film was probably the biggest highlight. Also Macgruber realizes something towards the end (Don't want to spoil).

Overall Rating:
While I can see people hating this film, I found it to be fun and entertaining. What I like in a movie is the ability to make time fly. I don't like watching a movie while I'm constantly looking at the time. With Macgruber, the time just flew. That's why I'm giving Macgruber 4*'s out of 5, or 8 *'s out of 10.

When You Should See It: Don't run out and buy it. Instead just put in the rental queue near the top.

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