Oct 4, 2010

Old Spice Guy As Luke Cage

According to Blastr, Isaiah Mustafa AKA Old Spice Commercial Guy has a driving desire to play Marvel Superhero, Luke Cage, AKA Power Man. Luke Cage/Power Man may not be a household name like Spider-Man, but big comic nerds know him, Nicolas Cage included. According to an interview Cage (real name: Coppola) did for Reader's Digest, he adopted the stage name based off of Luke Cage.

The man responsible for making Old Spice no longer an "old man" deodorant put together a feeler-video for Marvel, but took it as seriously as any of his commercials. Being only vaguely familiar with Power Man himself and his backstory of teaching urban kids not to join gangs, I think Isaiah Mustafa could really bring a different feel to the Superhero film genre. Whether they run with a Luke Cage film as a comedy or if Mustafa plays the role seriously, I think he should definitely be considered as a legitimate contender. Below is the video Mustafa put together as a feeler to Marvel.

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