Oct 15, 2010

Rapper T.I. Saves Man's Life

image from VH1.com

According to Pop Eater, mild-mannered gangsta-rapper T.I. was driving about Wednesday minding his own business, when he overhead on the radio breaking news about a man threatening to jump off a local skyscraper.

"They say that a hero can save us.
I'm not gonna stand here and wait!"
'Hero' - Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott

T.I. rushed over to the scene and collaborated with police attempting to negotiate with the suicidal man and control the situation. When the man heard that mega-star T.I. came to see the show, he was all like, "O RLY?" and the police were like, "YA RLY!" and the man was all like, "NO WAI!!!!" So the man came down and got a free meet-and-greet with T.I. who "rapped" with him about how it's all gonna be oooookay :-D.

And to think such a stand-up guy is days away from appearing in court on drug-related charges, so soon after coming out of jail on weapon-related charges. Don't say this was a publicity stunt, you cynics! If you're not familiar with T.I.'s history as a masked crusader to fight crime, save lives and preserve justice, then you're clearly not up to snuff on the rap scene!

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