Oct 11, 2010

Shakespeare's The Tempest Movie

With the popularity of Harry Potter and all the half-bitten offspring such as The Soccer's Apprentice, and Percy Jackson and The Olympians, there's no better time than to strike while the iron's hot. Shakespeare's tale of sorcery, The Tempest is being created into a film once again with amazing looking graphics, a sorceress instead of a sorcerer, and Russel Brand! Finally! A reason kids don't have to read The Tempest! I wish I had that luxury when I was forced with the task. It's always been one of the most dull reads to me, advertised as one that should be the most hard hitting for a youth. I've always been a visual learner, so I'll check out The Tempest when it hits theaters or DVD/Blu-Ray to see what was so special about it.

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