Oct 20, 2010

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Review

Today we're looking at the newest Spider-Man game called Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions. Before playing I was worried it was going to be another fail like Spider-Man 3 the game. So web yourself in and watch this review to see if it tingles your Spidey Senses.

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions takes you to the minds of four different Spider-Mens. "Amazing", which is the most well known Spider-Man. "Ultimate", which is Spider-Man with some anger problems that allow you to beat the crap out of people. "2099", which is a futuristic version that likes fighting and free falling through space. "Noir", which is 1930's Spider-Man that is more dark, quiet, and doesn't like the light. Finally there is Spider-Ham... just joking. With the four different Spider-Mans... Spider-Men... Spider-People? You are to collect pieces of a stone tablet.

Each level will take around an half an hour to play through. They each have a boss to them which you have to face two or three times. I won't spoil the ones towards the end, but let's just say they get more and more awesome as the game goes on.

Alright, you now know about the game. How does it feel to play as so many Spider-Men? The controls work well, except sometimes I felt like the pace was going too fast, and I was just jabbing buttons. Hold triangle, square square square. Then repeat. I found Noir to be my favorite Spider-Man. Just new gameplay to keep the game interesting. Sure the other three Spider-Men are great, but they are pretty similar to each other. The only problem I had with Noir is that sometimes it was hard to lock onto people. I'm standing right over thugs, and nothing will happen.

You might be thinking, "Wow! Four Spider-Men! This must be a very long game right!?" While it could be shorter, the game will take you around 6 hours to beat. That's how long it took me, and that's without getting every trophy/achievement. There are also challenges during the game to help you boost up Spider-Man's skills, and unlock costumes.

Final Say: The game is fantastic! I'm glad they were able to make another great Spider-Man game. I wouldn't shell out $60 since it's kind of a short game, but this is a game you do end up having to try out. Give it a rent!

Shawn's Thoughts: I had a blast playing the first half of the game, but then found the levels to be very repetitive and using the exact same formula as one another. I could probably count on one hand the number of levels that broke the format. But for the voice acting, quick learning curve, great bonus items won from beating challenges and fun had through the majority of game-play, I would say this game is above-average. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoyed previous Spider-Man games.

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