Oct 26, 2010

Spooky World

During the Halloween season here in NH a place called Spooky World opens up. It contains seven "haunted houses." I use the term haunted houses lightly because some of them were in barns, and one was even a nature trail. Each haunted house is different, and aren't really similar in anyway (well except for the fact they're all trying to scare you).

Thankfully, I got free passes from my girlfriend's mom. Did I mention they were VIP!? Here's a helpful tip to all of you going to Spooky World. Either get the VIP pass which costs like $20 more a ticket, or don't go (this is during the weekend might I add). The lines for the VIP were pretty long, but the lines for the regular pass was so long, I don't know how people found the time to visit more than two houses.

Onto the houses - they were really fun to go through. Sure, I wasn't afraid the whole time (the internet desensitizes you, ya know?). The actors and actresses were actually really good at their job. The houses also looked perfect in the haunted setting.

Everything was amazing there except for one part: the other people in the park. Some of these people were just out to ruin everything. Yelling obscene comments and such (I mean there are children at this place). We got stuck with some redneck group behind us just yelling, and telling "YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK IF!" jokes. After that house, we quickly got away from them.

The funniest part of the night was these three scary looking clowns. A girl yelled at one and said, "Look, it's a police officer clown!" The clown said in a sad voice, "I'm not a police officer! I'm the Kidnapper!"

If you're in the NH area, and have enough money for the VIP passes, then check out Spooky World!

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