Oct 31, 2010

Watch Some Horror Films

 image from Frozenly.com, which you should really check out cuz there's some amazing stuff here

Tonight is Halloween, and in honor I've decided to help everyone find a good horror film to spook themselves with. Cable can be a good outlet for such, but there are some years when you'd expect Halloween night to be the biggest horror movie night, only to reveal that networks put all the effort into showing horror movies into the week prior. So if you don't feel like gambling your terror on cable, or if you just don't have access to cable but want a scare, here are some options.

1) Netflix Instant Watch. This is a God-send for all occasions, this one in particular.
2) Youtube/Google Video have a handful of full-length horror movies, totally free to view in their entirety. For example right on the homepage of Youtube I found the full-length film of Underworld: Evolution which wasn't too bad a flick.
3) Hulu is another great outlet for the scare-on-the-go. Taking a look under the Horror and Suspense channel of the site you'll have easy access to such classics as Child's Play, Night of the Living Dead, The Return of the Living Dead, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Puppet Master, and Nosferatu to name just a few. As a small warning though, due to the graphic nature of some of these films, they will require you to sign in with your account. But if you don't have a Hulu account, they're easy enough to make!

Being a movie buff and a fan of the horror genre, here is my playlist for the evening:

28 Weeks Later
Amityville Horror (original)
House of 1000 Corpses
The Devil's Rejects
Halloween (Rob Zombie's)
The Monster Squad
The House of the Devil


Don't have time for a full-length horror movie but still want to lose sleep? search on youtube for real ghost and you'll get scarier stuff than the film Paranormal Activity

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