Oct 27, 2010

Zach Galifianakis is a weird dude

Ever since the movie The Hangover exploded across movie screens in 2009, Zach Galifianakis has become a big name in comedy. Since The Hangover, he's been in such flops and pops as G-Force, Up In The Air, Youth In Revolt and Dinner for Schmucks, with his latest film set to hit theaters, Due Date co-starring Robert Downey Jr. Anyone who's seen Galifianakis's stand-up, his acting in movies, television and his web-show Between The Ferns on Funnyordie, then take into account how he acts in the documentary Comedians of Comedy, you know that he's a weird dude. His level of deadpan sarcasm and serious foolishness is very hard to distinguish from any actual emotions or thought process he may actually be experiencing.

That being said, Robert Downey Jr. accidentally dropped a bombshell in interview promoting Due Date that Zach Galifianakis will be featured in the upcoming, untitled, Jason Segal written Muppet movie. Taking part in another kids film (I'm not going to sugarcoat it, that's what it is, but I'm still definitely gonna see it) after G-Force seems like an odd move by Galifianakis, but news about the star get even weirder.

There's been a big stir-up of drama and controversy about Mel Gibson and the prestigious the high profile cameo-treatment Mike Tyson got in The Hangover, in Hangover 2. We haven't been reporting on it because it seemed fairly understandable decision to initially offer the role to Gibson, and then revoke it when his life is a whirlwind powder-keg that leaves publicity difficult. Gibson of course, being a highly suspected crazy person, was very verbally angry and upset about this, which also seems understandable, as no one will give the guy work due to his past gaffs but one big gig could potentially turn things around for him. What's really interesting and relatable to this blog post is that Entertainment Weekly is spreading the rumor (and by proxy, now so are we) that Gibson was cut from The Hangover 2 because Galifianakis wasn't comfortable with him on board.

On the one hand, this seems kind of understandable because Gibson carries a lot of stigmas and just being around someone who, for example, hates the Jewish community would be very morally conflicting. On the other hand... you're a comedian with one big movie hit to your name, should you be making these kinds of calls? Yes, Galifianakis is one of the sole reasons that The Hangover was memorable other than an awesome plot and great action/pacing/etc., but still, the theory stands.