Nov 8, 2010

The Benson Interruption Review

Doug Benson, the comedian mostly known for getting high, has a new show on Comedy Central called The Benson Interruption. This is where comedians do a stand up act and Doug Benson just interrupts them with jokes of his own.

When he's explaining what the show is about at the beginning, he mentions that it's going to make it awkward for the other comedians. I didn't find this to be true. The other comedians played off of Benson's comments and made more jokes.

Basically, this show is just like Comic Remix, which was just three comedians doing stand up for 7 minutes. Now add Doug Benson to each of these stand up acts, and you have The Benson Interruption.

Final Say:
I won't be returning for next week's show. If you're a big fan of Doug Benson, then check the show out, but if you're not, then pass on this.

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