Nov 4, 2010

Between a Rock and a Hard Place Review

I listened through the audio book Between a Rock and a Hard Place. While I was half way through I found out that they made a movie about it, and that said movie comes out this Friday! What a weird turn of events.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place is about a man that goes out into the desert. While climbing, a giant boulder falls on him trapping his left arm. He sits there for 127 hours (name of the movie), and finally finds a way to cut off his arm.

You would think a story like that would be... well boring. A man sitting there with his arm caught, and eventually having to cut his arm off. I figured the book would like spend more than half the time explaining that he likes nature, and other trails he's been on. I was wrong (though there were some short parts where he had back-flashes to him hiking on other trails) within no time the action poured in and he was trapped.Like I said, you would think he's just going to be standing/sitting there for a while, but that's not the case. This man goes through every plan to get this boulder off of him. Nothing ever works, and you actually feel bad each time he fails.

That's how great this story is. You know what happens in the end before reading it. Yet you still end up feeling bad when he has a failed plan. You really end up loving the character (well I guess it's not technically a "character").

I also wanted to mention the audio book was voiced by Aaron Ralston, the man that was actually stuck. I'm sure the man didn't have much experience with audio books, but he voiced the book very well.

Final Say: While I can't say if the movie will be good, I can say that the book and audio book are very fascinating. Even if you're not into hiking and outdoors, this is still a book to check out.

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