Nov 19, 2010

Bill Nye Gets Knocked Down, But He Gets Up Again, Never Ever Gonna Keep Him Down

According to Yahoo News, Tuesday, November 16, 2010, Bill Nye was a keyspeaker in a presentation at the University of Southern California and fainted in front of an audience of hundreds of students. As perhaps an interesting sociological case study, or at the very least an interesting social commentary about this lackadaisical generation, written by someone more interesting than myself, none of the students helped Nye out. Instead, everyone whipped out their cell phone and texted or tweeted about the incident. Nye awoke a few seconds later and continued his presentation. Nye's explanation for passing out:

"Four Loko shouldn't be legal."

No, not really. According to People Magazine, (who's comments tell a controversial, yet different, more sympathetic tale of the audience's response) Nye has let everyone know he's okay and was just over-worked and over-stressed that day. Whatever the reason, I'm glad Nye is okay now and wish him good physical health in the future. A friend of mine was once interviewed by Bill Nye for a potential TV show or presentation, and this remains the only celebrity interaction anyone I know has ever personally achieved. So in my book, that makes me and Bill like family.

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