Nov 21, 2010

Chris Nolan's Superman

According to Entertainment Weekly, the upcoming reboot of the Superman series produced by Christopher Nolan and directed by Zack Snyder has sent some casting qualifications for the title character. He’s either currently on TV or someone more-or-less unknown, and he’s between 28 to 32 years old.

Elsewhere on the internet, the best piece of advice I've seen on the casting of Superman: "Don't cast Clark Kent, and hope he can play Superman. Cast Superman and have him play down to Clark Kent"

I think that speaks volumes about where our cinematic society is today. We love our nerdy actors - Jesse Eisenberg, Michael Cera, Zachary Levi, John Krasinski, Zach Braff, Topher Grace, Jason Segel, and Lee Pace. Guys like these would probably be one of the first picks by most fans today to cast as Clark Kent. This isn't the eighties anymore where action stars need to legitimately have steroid-driven superhuman strength to be believable. Superman has super powers and would still be believable as a fairly skinny dude, rather than look like John Rambo or Hulk Hogan.

But while someone like John Krasinski would make for an entertaining and believable Clark Kent, can you see him pulling off any heroics? Is Topher Grace the fearless man of steel? You need to cast Superman, someone good looking and believably the embodiment of everything humankind should be. The casting should be for Friedrich Nietzsche's Superman. That's why for many who have been following this news story, Mad Men's Jon Hamm seemed like a good choice because he can believably play a troubled, yet driven and morally upright and heroic Superman, but can also play down-to-earth business reporter. Shame he's too old, but that's where the bar is set in my mind.

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