Nov 11, 2010

Disney Hires Jon Favreau to Direct Magic Kingdom Movie

According to The Hollywood Report, Jon Favreau, director of Elf and the Iron Man series has been hired by Disney to direct a motion picture based off of the theme park: Magic Kingdom. The only real note about the plot for this movie is "the Disneyland theme park in which attractions and characters come to life". So... it's Night at the Museum, but with a theme park that's overly crowded and overly expensive? And in 3D no doubt, so you can really feel the claustrophobia coming right at you.

Here's what I think needs to happen in this film, having only been to Magic Kingdom twice in my life:

You get a couple of adorable kids around the age of 10 like The Game Plan's Madison Pettis and the Spy Next Door's Will Shadley (ebony and ivory friendship, still teaching acceptability in 2011) on a family trip with their parents. It doesn't matter who you cast as the parents, because by means of messing with the wrong ticked off sorcerer in disguise as a normal park-goer, Magic Kingdom gets flipped into a zany everything's-for-real sort of cartoon world. The parents are whisked away to Cinderella's castle leaving the kids to fend for themselves! But what a grand adventure they find themselves in, rather than a STRANGER-DANGER sort of separation anxiety, which would be more likely to happen in real life. The kids then explore such areas as Adventure Land, Tomorrow Land and Frontierland before reaching their destination and freeing their parents. But they'll need a guide. Someone that says "you can trust me, i'm the representation of a security guard at the real life park that if you get lost, I'm not going to kidnap you". Naturally played by Brenden Fraiser.

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