Nov 28, 2010

The Gauntlet Thoughts

Look at this picture! I was at a store and saw how epic the cover art was. I knew I had to give this a rent. Usually judging something by it's cover means that you avoid it. The total opposite happened when I saw this cover. Clint Eastwood has been in a ton of movies and I've always been a fan of his work. That's what made this movie even more appealing. An epic cover, and Clint Eastwood.

First a complaint, not about the movie, but at Netflix. I have a blu-ray account, and they sent me the DVD of the movie! I'm the type of snob that likes the blu-ray quality. I'm pretty bad about it too, especially when people don't see the difference between DVD and blu-ray. Now granted, some blu-rays were not converted well from DVD, but most blu-rays look amazing. Still, not to be able to tell the difference?

Onto the movie - did the epic cover live up to the expectation? In short that would be a no. It was just an ok movie for the most part. After an hour into it I was starting to get bored. Clint Eastwood has been in a lot better movies.

Complaints (contains spoils): If I have to explain one complaint it has to be this one. Usually action scenes in Clint Eastwood movies are great. The Gauntlet might contain the worst action scene I've ever seen. There's this part where Eastwood is in a house, and the cops show up. Eastwood needs to get through a door that's locked. He shoots the door knob, and the cops start shooting at the house. Eastwood dodges a couple of bullets, but for what seemed like 5 minutes, the cops were still shooting at the house. Not much cutting back to Eastwood, or anything... just cops shooting a house. Then after time seems to really drag they finally stop, and the house collapses.

Final Say: I would have probably liked it more if I didn't hype it up with such an awesome cover. I might have gone over more complaints, but the movie had some ups too it, and Clint Eastwood is bad ass like he always is. Though there are much better Clint Eastwood movies out there you should check out before The Gauntlet.

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