Nov 5, 2010

Hand Sanitizer Only Works For 2 Minutes

Studies came out recently that hand sanitizers only work for two minutes! The report is a week old but while eavesdropping on people far more interesting than I, I overheard someone downplay the purpose of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, even in flu season! When I heard this, I was dumbfounded and bewildered. I figured I had heard wrong. So I asked my nurse-girlfriend if she's heard of this, to which she confirmed. I asked her what was meant by "only works for 2 minutes" but she didn't know, she had only heard the same report from different sources.

Let's tie this into another recent blog we've done with a similar theme: the news telling us something we already know, but making it sound like scary breaking news: if you drink, alcohol effects the lives of people around you. Shocking stuff. And this may be more shocking. If you clean your hands, you don't get a free-pass for the rest of the day.

Color. me. flabbergasted.

You mean to tell me if I take a shower, and then go slip-and-sliding through cow manure, I'm vulnerable to bacteria, disease and illness? BUT I JUST TOOK A SHOWER! UGH! WE CAN PUT A MAN ON THE MOON...

And the anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, labeled "Kills 99.99% of Germs" only gives your hands a clean slate, destroying the germs presently on it? Maybe that's why I would only use hand sanitizer after I touch hand-rails or foreign keyboards, or sneeze directly into my hands. Actually I sneeze/cough into the corner of my elbow like a rational-minded person, but the point remains - I've never put on hand sanitizer, sneezed into my hands and then told everyone around "its okay guys! I've got x amount of time! I'm covered!"

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