Nov 3, 2010

Jackass 3D Review

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An introspective look into societal norms and tolerance when faced with grotesqueries and shock, shot in a documentary-styled rapid-fire series of clips.

This is the fourth film I've seen in 3D, and I'm ready for the fad to die. Not in Avatar, not in Toy Story 3D, not in Shrek 3D, and not in Jackass 3D have I found that the 3D technology improves my viewing experience. The only thing the 3D fad serves to do is constrict the sides of my head, just above my ears, with the arms of the glasses. Another piece of technology that stood out when watching Jackass 3D was use of "slow motion impact". If you don't know what I mean, watch shows like Deadliest Warrior and Human Weapon. These shows use the technology to their advantage, but Jackass over-saturates the technology quickly, never using it once with rhyme, reason or buildup. It comes off like a small child who learns a new word and repeats it over and over. The first time the child says it, it's adorable, and the next few times it's endearing, but by the fiftieth time you just want the child to be quiet.

My Highlights:
Red-white-and-blue motorcycle jump, use of scorpions, Boom Boom Pow, and the "could you watch my dog"

Overall Rating:
This film can not compare to the previous two films. The original Jackass film was groundbreaking. Jackass 2 pushed the envelope farther than anybody could have expected. Jackass 3 suffers because of both of these traits. There was no ground they could break (though I'm sure Sasha Baron Cohen will find a way to prove this wrong) and there wasn't a whole lot they could have done to push the envelope further. Other factors that felt detracting of the movie - the age of the Jackass crew: come on, doing this to your pushing 40 is just sad, it's not as stupidly funny as when you were in your twenties. And the love between the crew came off sappier than expected as well. In previous films there was no down-time between pranks. You got done filming your idiotic stunt where you almost get eaten by a deadly animal, and as soon as you escape, someone buzzes a chunk of your hair off or punches you in the face or genitals. In this film it's all rounds of applause, hugs and handshakes.

Regardless, it's still Jackass and time absolutely flies watching it. There was also a wealth of entertainment in the entire film, so I'm just nit-picking as a fanboy of the series. 4 *'s out of 5 (maybe a little generous), or 8 *'s out of 10.

When You Should See It:
Don't bother with the 3D experience. With the rumor-mill stating there were a lot more stunts filmed than shown in theater, that means that when Jackass 3 hits DVD/Blu-Ray format, they'll be likely chocked full of stunts never before seen. That's when you should pick this movie up.

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