Nov 22, 2010

Kinect Auto-Steering

This following video has been on the net, and I personally found it on Reddit. People are freaking out that this game has auto-steering. Which I have to ask the question, maybe this guy is playing on an easy setting? I've been playing a little bit of Tony Hawk's Ride, and on the easy mode there is an auto steering, but when you go to medium it goes away.

It might just be me, but this game actually looks fun to me. I'm not talking about the auto-steering, but the look to the game. It just looks like a fun arcade racer. I am the type of gamer that needs to play a game before I can say it's stupid. Though I'm sure Gran Tursimo 5 is better than this.

It's your right to be mad at the game, but don't whine that this is the future of video games, because it's just not true. A bigger concern for the future might be video games will be very glitchy, like Fallout: New Vegas, and you will have to wait a week or two for an update. I'm very scared that video game companies don't want to pay for testers anymore. That is a scenario way scarier than auto-steering.

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