Nov 26, 2010

NBA Jam Thoughts

NBA Jam for the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo is a sport's classic. Mostly anyone, including the people that don't like sport games, liked NBA Jam. It's simple, and the gameplay doesn't stop every second for a time out or foul. There are only four people on the court at a time, and the controls are just pass, block, and shoot... well, and turbo.

Being a fan of game remakes I knew I had to check it out. For the longest time before it came out, I just figured it would be on the PlayStation Network, or Xbox Live Arcade. To my surprise, they actually put it on shelves for $50. That seems crazy to me, and started to think maybe Sonic 4 at $15 wasn't such a bad deal anymore. I know Sly Cooper was remade, and that wasn't a downloadable game. I'm fine with that because it was just on the PS2, while NBA Jam was on older systems. I actually paid $50 for each Sly Cooper game, so I find the collection to be worth the money.

I knew I couldn't get myself to spend $50 on NBA Jam, since games like Fallout, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, and much more were coming out. So thank you, GameFly Queue. I figured it would be available in a couple of months to play (that's how GameFly works, most of new releases are not available for a couple of months). Well I was lucky I guess, because I landed on the release day of NBA Jam. Meaning I got to rent it once it came out instead of waiting a couple of months.

It's a great game, and does a great job bringing the nostalgia back (which every remake should). Is it worth $50 though? Not to me at least. I really think the price should have been $20. I'm guessing getting all the teams on the game today costs a lot of money, and that's the reason to it being $50.

Final Say: I'm the type of gamer that likes sports games, but doesn't play them constantly. If you're that type of gamer then you should wait for a price drop. If you're a sports fanatic then go for NBA Jam. It's just simple, and a great game to play with friends.

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