Nov 18, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Blu-Ray Review

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Having never bought a blu-ray movie when it first came out, this would be a first for me. I usually can't justify buying a movie that is $20 to $30, and have only done it once in a blue moon with DVDs. When I saw Scott Pilgrim in the theater though, I was blown away. It's very rare when a movie with many references to video games and comics comes out. I can only think of Grandma's Boy, and that Wizard movie with the kid playing Mario 3.

The movie didn't just throw out references, like posters of games and such. They used music and sound effects to help tell the story. Using the music from Zelda when you find a fairy that gives you health in Zelda 3 during a dream Scott has really hit hard. It was just done so well. For people that have no idea what Zelda is, they still enjoy it, but the people that do know it are crying with amazement inside. I knew I had to get it on blu-ray after seeing this amount of detail.

We already know the movie is fantastic, but hows the blu-ray features? Well to throw it out there, the deleted scenes aren't that great. As for the rest of the content, it's pretty awesome. Like a documentary about the movie, and even learning songs from the movie on the guitar. There was also a short 3 min animated Scott Pilgrim short from Adult Swim. It was actually a scene from the comic book that never made it into the movie - showing the story of how Kim and Scott got together in high school. To comment on it, the animated short was alright, nothing more, nothing less.

Final Say:
If you saw the movie and loved it, then pick it up. Sadly the movie was technically a flop since it didn't make more money than what they spent on it. If you have any interested in owning it then go out and get it! If you haven't seen it then go rent it, and then decide.

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