Nov 7, 2010

Toxic Avenger Remake

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According to Geeks of Doom, the director of the hit comedy Hot Tub Time Machine, Steve Pink, will be directing and co-writing (with Daniel C. Mitchell) a remake of the big cult classic, The Toxic Avenger. I've never seen the Toxic Avenger myself but it is in my quest to do so, being both a fan of cult classics and vigilante super-heroics with anti-hero qualities. For those that aren't familiar with The Toxic Avenger at all, to my understanding he's a cross between the Frankenstein Monster and a dark-humored Captain Planet. His story is that of a janitor who falls into a vat of toxic waste that mutates him into a hideous, hulking form barely resembling a man. Obviously, like all radioactivity or toxicity, he gets super strength. He uses his new-found powers to wage war against corrupt politicians and polluters. Believe it or not, this character spawned five movies, a children's animated series, and a Marvel comic book series. With a concept this "green" to be made in today's culture this "green", I'm hoping Al Gore gets a place on the credits. I'm super serial.

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