Dec 31, 2010

Costume Quest Review

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Two months ago, everyone was celebrating Halloween and this review would make more sense if it was posted around that time. Unfortunately it's almost January, but here's a review of Costume Quest anyway.

Costume Quest if available on the Playstation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade for $15. It puts you in the role of a brother, or a sister around the ages of 6, or 7. If you choose to play as the brother, your sister gets kidnapped by monsters, and if you choose to play as the sister, the brother gets kidnapped. You know you need to get your sibling or else your parents will be mad, so you gather your friends up and set out on a quest.

Since it's Halloween, you are in costumes. During the game you will get costume layouts and have to find the costume material. Once you get the material you may wear the costume. Each costume has a power, from moving faster/seeing in the dark, to luring hungry people places with a french fry costume.

You go door-to-door collecting candy (AKA currency in this game). Not every neighbor believes in candy, and they will fight you. This is where the battle system comes in. It works just like most RPGs, though you don't have items to use during the battle. Instead, each costume has an attack, shield, or healing power. Since you have three people in your party, you could have one of each. I found the shield power was useless, and just went with two attack costumes.

Final Say: There are other quests you must complete to go further in the game, and there's even side-missions. I did all the main missions, and a majority of the side missions, and it took me only 3.5 hours to do all that. It's a bit of a short game, but I still found it very entertaining. If you've never got into RPGs because 40 hours seems too long, then this game is for you. Even for RPG lovers, this game shouldn't be passed up.

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