Dec 6, 2010

A Gamer's Paradox

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I've been playing Fallout: New Vegas lately and having a blast. I've noticed something though. I've heard people say, or I read, that it's pretty much Fallout 3. They say it's not a bad thing, but besides the glitches, it's what's stopping this game from being perfect. I disregard these comments and say this game is perfect! Why are people even bringing it up that Fallout: New Vegas is too similar to Fallout 3?

Yes, the two games are very similar, but to even complain about this is stupid. Let's take a look at our pal Sonic The Hedgehog. He had a bunch of great games till he became 3D. Then, for years people complained that the Sonic series went downhill. People wanted a Sonic just like the first ones. Now let's say New Vegas is a completely different game, and was horrible. Then everyone would be upset that it's not like Fallout 3. Want a more recent example? Everyone loved CoD: Modern Warfare. Then CoD 5 came out, and people were upset it wasn't enough like Modern Warfare (even though I thought they were both good).

Why is it so hard to give a 10/10, or 5/5 rating when it comes to games? I think X-Play is the only one that does. Just admit that some games are perfect! Not everyone is going to agree with it, but take a stand, and say this game was perfect. Even if there is one small flaw don't take away a point for it. "Everything in this game was perfect, but that one bug was purple, and that didn't make sense... I give this game a 8.5."

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