Dec 3, 2010

Nicolas Cage talks about Ghost Rider 2

Thanks to Slashfilm for compiling a couple of interviews Nicolas Cage has done as of late, shedding some light on Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance. For those that don't know about this sequel, the premise is as follows: Johnny Blaze, aka Ghost Rider (Nicolas Cage), is hiding out in remote Eastern Europe and struggling to repress his curse. Blaze is recruited by a sect to take on the Devil, who wants to take over his mortal son’s body on the boy’s birthday.

It is a completely different film. The first one, which I won’t denigrate — I liked the first one, but it was almost like a fairy tale. Almost like a Disney fairy tale interpretation of Faust. This one is completely re-conceived, it’s not even connected to the first one, it’s a different origin sequence. But I think it will be a brand new experience. It has more adrenaline involved in the film making process itself, and in the movie when you see it. Again, I think the stuff we’re able to get into with Ghost Rider is going to be a lot more abstract and not like anything you’ve seen before.
[Johnny Blaze has] become a lot more sarcastic, now that his head has been ignited. Unlike the first one where he was trying to keep it at bay. Now he’s been living with the Ghost Rider for some time, there’s a lot more irony with the character. His outlook isn’t as quite naive as it once was.
- io9 interview

I’m really enjoying my experience with Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. They’re not like anybody I’ve worked with before. They’re total originals. Mark Neveldine is doing things with the camera that are just brand new. He’s on rollerblades. He’s hanging off of wires at 300 feet. He’s just doing things that are combination stuntman and camera operator/director that are quite shocking and quite risky. And Brian Taylor is just a philosopher when it comes to movies. You can talk to him about Michael Powell’s Peeping Tom, and you can go into Ishiro Honda’s The War of the Gargantuas, in the same sentence.
- Collider interview

While it's Nicolas Cage's job to promote the movie, just by saying this sequel will be totally different than the first one peaks my interest. Change is exactly what this sequel needs because the first one was one of the worst Marvel films I've seen to date. Unfortunately it will still star Nicolas Cage, who on a personal note, ties with Shia LaBeouf as my most hated actors in Hollywood.

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