Dec 19, 2010

N.P.H. In Short-Lived TV Feud

According to The Hollywood Reporter (link-1, link-2), star of the Harold and Kumar films, as well as hit TV series, How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris (N.P.H., to many) is in a heated new feud with another TV star. How I Met Your Mother had booked Eric Braeden, star of soap opera, The Young and the Restless, to reprise his role as a character named Robin's father. At the last minute, Braeden pulled out because, in his words, "the role wasn't substantial enough". What would N.P.H. do? Well, he tweeted to his large fan-base that Braeden "is a D-Bag".

Braeden responded in an interview, calling N.P.H. an immature little boy in need of a spanking. He was so offended by the remark, he warned "[Harris could] get his teeth knocked in for that kind of nonsense." Braeden also downplayed the entire feud and Harris' celebrity status, saying "I need a worthy adversary. I don't even know who this fellow is." The reason Braeden canceled his appearance  was due to the exhaustion of hip surgery recovery. The soap star didn't find two lines of dialog worthy of the effort, especially since he found out about it at the last minute.

Upon hearing the logical reasoning, N.P.H. went back to twitter and apologized. Harris chalked up his aggression to his defensive nature about a show he feels very strongly about. Braeden accepted the apology, stating “It’s Christmas time and I will forgive him for my verbal transgressions."

Santa Claus was quoted as saying "Another one bites the dust. You're welcome."

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