Dec 13, 2010

SSX: Deadly Descents

Did you watch the Spike TV Video Game Awards? Nah, me neither. You check out all the trailers they released the next day though? That's what I did. Uncharted 3 looks super sweet, and we've all wanted some more Mass Effect. I'd heard the rumors of another SSX game, and seeing a trailer made me happy. Always loved SSX, and SSX Tricky, but when the newest trailer came out of SSX: Deadly Descents, everyone was complaining about it in the comments section. I figured, "hey it's a snowboarding game, how could it be that bad?" After watching the trailer... WHY!!!!????

What I was expecting was crazy tricks, crazy combos, and crazy characters. What I got was some snowboarder flying in a helicopter, dropping down, then falling off a mountain where he opens his arms to reveal some parachute thing. I was thinking he was going to pull out a gun, and the game would be called SSX: Call of Duty.

What a disappointment, but I can't really complain till I see some gameplay video, and then actually play it for myself. Can't I dream of the days of this (video below)?

Why can't all game commercials be this epic.

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