Dec 17, 2010

Super Mario Rant

image from Amazon

When I was a young lad I had a Super Nintendo, and on that Super Nintendo I had a game called Super Mario All-Stars. This had Super Mario 1, 2, lost levels, 3, and World. Granted, the original version didn't have Super Mario World, but later versions did. Fast-forward to the year 2010, the year of Mario's 25th birthday. The people over at Nintendo wanted to celebrate. So a new Super Mario All-Stars is born.

I bought it of course. It's very nice looking, and the book/soundtrack is awesome. One complaint though... No Super Mario World!!! They kept the first version of Super Mario All-Stars? Why couldn't they put Super Mario World on this disk? They should have even included Super Mario 64!

I still love the box-set, but feel like they threw a turtle shell at me... a freakin Super Nintendo cartridge could hold 5 games!

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