Dec 5, 2010

TV Wants DC Comics' Raven

According to Variety, the CW Network is looking to DC's Teen Titan character Raven to be the star of a new TV series. With the Superman origin tale, Smallville ready to retire at the end of this season, the CW saw Raven as an interesting character with a built-in fan-base thanks to the hugely popular animated kids show, Teen Titans. For anyone unfamiliar with Raven, she's essentially a goth-babe with all the gothy "dark forces" powers you'd expect: teleportation, flight, sorcery, telekinesis, telepathy, astral projection and empathy. And did I mention she's a babe?

Holy leg-cleavage Batman! Personally, I'd of liked to have seen what a network could have done with the Wonder Woman franchise, as it's such a difficult challenge to take on and few seem up to it. But Raven could be good if it's well casted. Someone with really great legs, but believably emo and gothic.

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