Dec 7, 2010

The Walking Dead Writing Room

According to Slashfilm, who compiled a couple of different interviews, there is no truth to a mass-writer-firing-spree from the new hit AMC series The Walking Dead. Rumors had been circulating that despite the show's success, show-creator, Frank Darabont had fired practically all of the original writing staff. Turns out it's only one writer leaving for sure to pursue a project of his own. All of the surviving characters from Season 1 are expected to return for Season 2, as well as comic book-creator Robert Kirkman. Fingers are still crossed that makeup artist Greg Nicotero will return off of the strength of his zombie work in season 1.

Thoughts on Season 1 Finale

MAN, weak. Would have been a good middle-of-the-season episode, but left a lot to be desired. Where the heck was Merle? Is some lame whispering supposed to keep us hooked for a full year until season 2? Weak dudes. Totally weak.

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