Jan 6, 2011

Best Games of 2010 (Article Edition)

There will be a more detailed video of this, but my video recorder has been messing up. I'm in the middle of an E-mail exchange with the company to try and fix it. This article will have to do for now.

Best game of 2010:
Super Mario Galaxy 2! Beating a game 100% is a rare feat for me, but Super Mario Galaxy 2 was so fun that I didn't want to stop playing. This is why it's the best of the year.

Runner Up:
Super Meat Boy. The gameplay is so familiar, but the game is so different from other platformers I've played. There is nothing wrong with this game.

Honorable Mentions:
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Fallout: New Vegas, Minecraft, Heavy Rain, Ace Attorney Investigations, and Donkey Kong.

Best Clearance Bin Video Game Review: A Boy and His Blob

Runner Up: The Sabotuer

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