Jan 5, 2011

Best TV of 2010

Every year a bunch of new T.V. shows come on the air, and it's the job of everyone with a blog to complain or praise about them. That's why we have came up with the best and worst of TV of 2010.

The Best TV of 2010: The Walking Dead
AMC proves that they are new cable juggernaut by plugging this show into Mad Men's off-season. Beyond just another peg to be added in the wall of the zombie genre, The Walking Dead doesn't rely on gore and shock as a backbone. Instead we get great, shades-of-gray, complex characters, and intense thrills and engaging storylines. While this season was only six episodes, it lived up to it's big hype and has left fans' mouths watering for more.

Runner Up: Conan
Naturally, we love Conan O'Brien here at Organized Remains. It paints us to say however that in comparison to his last show, his new TBS stint is very hit-and-miss. We've seen some great stuff like Stalking Gary Busey, Video Blogs, Conan gets turned into a Super Hero, guitar battle against Jack Black, Minty the Candy Cane, Toughening Up Chris Ultimo, poking fun at Oprah, and getting past the TBS censorship board. Unfortunately, somebody keeps pushing for re-occurring skits like Ridiculous commercials such as Punch Bowl Bowl-Punching Kit / Anti-Mistletoe Toe Missile, Tyler Perry's Row 11, and Ted Turner (who's been out of TV Networking for about a full decade). We have faith however that our beloved ginger will gain his bearings within the next few months and became a staple of not just our TV, but everyone's TV.

The Worst TV of 2010: WWE NXT
Never before have I seen a TV show so poor that it squeezes in 2 1/2 seasons before moving to a webcast format, and then getting canceled. In less than a year.

Runner Up: It's Effin' Science
Sorry G4TV, it takes more than good hosts to make science fun. You actually need them to do fun stuff.

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