Jan 8, 2011

CBVGR: Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice

Welcome to the Clearance Bin Video Game Review by Organized Remains. Finally upgraded my PSP, and can now record video without a video camera. For my first PSP review I'm doing Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice. $5 new at Amazon for America, 9 pounds over at game.co.uk, and $15.99 at Amazon for Canada.

Extreme Justice is the sequel to Pursuit Force. Around the time I first got my PSP I played the first Pursuit Force, and thought it was awesome. Lets see if they kept up the justice in the sequel.

The story starts you off at a wedding. The wedding gets interrupted by the pursuit force's enemy. This interruption leads to the death of the bride, and now you're upset about your soon to be wife's death. Now it's up to you, and the help of the Pursuit Force to bring justice.

There are two types of gameplay in Pursuit Force driving, and third person shooter. The driving in the game is great. What makes the game so awesome is the ability to jump to other cars and take them over. If your car is very damaged, no problem just leap to another car. The driving mechanics are well done too for balancing gun shooting with driving a car.

The third person shooter part of the game leaves me disappointed. It's just not fun. My character walks to slow, and the levels are too basic. Using a gun without the car involved isn't fun either.

The game features Bounty Mode, Challenges, and multiplayer. Didn't get a chance to play multiplayer due to the fact that I know no one that has this game. Bounty Mode is playing levels over again to get points to spend at the store for upgrades. Challenges are basically just follow that guy, and get him before he reaches this place.

Final Say: The driving to the game is great, and you see it more than the third person shooter levels. I think anyone with a PSP should pick up Pursuit Force. It's one of the best games I've played for the PSP.

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